Mortale Lethe

Or simply Lethe. I'm a French artist passionate about mythology and art ever since I was a child.

My work mostly consists of representing different myths from Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology through a melancholic and contemporary lens. I also see it as a necessity, a form of therapy, as well as a way of communicating with the outside world. 

Being kin to art history, I am heavily inspired my the Art Nouveau movement as well as Symbolism and Romanticism. Alfons Mucha, Dante Rossetti, Sandro Botticelli, Gustav Klimt and Fernand Khnopff being my main "old classical art" inspiration. Contemporary inspirations include pop culture through various comics and manga, the low-brow art movement with artists such as Mark Ryden and Camille Rose Garcia as well as other contemporary artists such as Chiharu Shiota.

I mostly work through digital ways now through an IpadAir and Procreate but I am still very inclined to watercolour and gouache, my very first traditional art mediums.

I wish to contribute in demystifying the art process and Art itself by sharing my work and making it all as accessible as possible to all. I found ways to start doing it through goodies and prints, everyday gears and objects which would encapsulate Art for the people, as well as sharing my work process with you all.

Follow my journey through social networks or come say hi at my next art market ⋆⭒˚。⋆